Thursday, April 19, 2007

Singapore.RB Meeting

Singapore Ruby Brigade Meeting at National Library was vibrant and useful. Rails enthusiast Choon Keat seems to be quite popular. Choon Keat explained how he forced a student to pick a Ruby book over .Net book. He contributed KRJS to Rails community. Anyway I need to learn RJS first.

But Sausheong really quenched my thirst by talking about FxRuby, which is not Rails thing. Hats off to him.

Library Manger Iven was very helpful, even he tried to understand how much the meeting was worth, finally he promised to create a process through which similar kinds of meeting can happen in libraries.

Now I know why Singapore (such a small country in this world) is 20th richest country. To arrange a similar meeting in Chennai, defnitely it would require Rs.25000 (550 USD). We had a big room enough for 50 people, which is fully air-conditioned with over head projector, wifi connections and everything was for free of cost. There should be people like Iven; ready to help to share knowledge and to encourage people to learn new things.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It was my last day in 10th standard and taking up maths exam, I did not perform very well, even tied paper upside down cause of tension. Disappointed and came home very soon, without thinking that missing my friends. I did not even realize that I could have spent few hours with them being it was the last possible chance.

During my higher secondary, I was sure that I could not take more than 64 marks in Chemistry (But 70 needs to be taken to get pass mark), By God grace, Someone has stolen the chemistry question paper somewhere in Salem (Refer 1994 March/April news papers). Tamil Nadu Government made us to rewrite the exam. I did not sleep couple of nights and was preparing on and on and on..., During exam, when there were flying squad checking everyone's packet, I realized that am still keeping few papers, which was used during my morning preparation. I was pissed off, before they found me, I accepted my mistake to them.

Exactly 3 questions (30 marks) were matching with question paper and personnel test, But one of the squad made me to wait 15 minutes. My panic placed me in the next day newspaper for few minutes (thinking the worst possible) along with police :), But squads discussed quite long and allowed me to continue the exam. Even they asked invigilator to give me additional 5 minutes for the exam.

But my heart was pumping @200hp, and were not able to access few of my own flip flops (forgot many chemical equations). Later some how, after finishing the exam, I went home without meeting many of friends (they all went to watch Rajini Movie)

Never been to college, so don't know what is farewell during my education.

It was very painful while leaving Aspire and BharatPlanet, but did not come across much of emotions. Especially in Aspire, many of my team mates left before I did, in BP it was very small team.

But When I left Scope International on 13th April 2007 (Friday), I did not receive my relieving letter till the EOD of the day and on top of that I was planning to share some of my poor tomcat clustering knowledge, but at the end of the clustering session, everyone assembled there, I was in peek of my emotions, and knew that I am leaving the place where my efforts was well recognized and benefited for everyone.

When they asked me to comment about my experience, I said that it was my family and felt so sad for leaving them. I could not comment anything further...

Then everyone dropped a quote about me, though I not necessarily captured their exact words, I tried to recollect as much as possible, Those quotes may be very helpful when I am in need of moral support.

Super Boss - "A trustable resource and shared his knowledge with the rest of the team"
My Boss - Same as Super Boss and I missed what he mentioned extra.
Another Boss - Solved many important issues and he reminisced few of the successful moments of my previous projects. Also mentioned that team will be in challenge without me :-) (Too generous).

Another Upcoming Super Boss - We spoke lot (including technologies) about war, politics, India, economy.., I can able to understand how much team misses him as others worked quite longer than me.
Brother_1 - He was always there when we face an issue, we have taken granted to disturb him at any time.
Brother_2 - Apart from day-to-day solutions, he always thought about where could I fit in whole jigsaw puzzle and suggested me to align my career with organization. He used guide lot. Used care for me. ( I liked this comment )
Brother_3 - Tamil Poem, (To be released soon) - Got a beautiful Mug from him.
Neighborhood (Other teams boss) - This guy had a great energy even at 8:00 PM. Blah, Blah,..
Brother_7 - He born with silver spoon of knowledge (needless to say, there was a silver spoon as a gift)

Team gifted me a good watch ( I am yet to use it). Thanks for the gift.

Then I sincerely apologized for being rude many times, and felt disguised for being arrogant in giving my harsh comments. I again apologized for that.

By 8:00PM, I sent my good bye note (as usual with spelling mistakes), Few other guys were already started rushing to their place, where again had few more gifts (USB drive, few pens, etc.,)

Later we were all assembled by the nearest hotel for our dinner.

I would like to convey my gratitude!! to everyone who made the day as special one.
Yarru vetcha aaapu?

I was undergoing an induction program with my new employer, When everyone was selling them by one way other, I was explaining about my blogs and my worldcup cricket predictions to them, Some point in time I thought that they are impressed about my findings. Once I realized that they are showing much interest in cricket, I was explaining to them that why Australia dosen't have any chance to win this WorldCup.

They even tried to persuade me by explaining australian cricket team's marathon victories and Aus's NRR. I simply rejected and explained them using technical analysis without knowing that whom I am talking with. Since We all were working for bank, I took granted that they can understand technical analysis and theory like history repeating itself.

During the evening session, one of our faculty asked everyone to describe about themselves, A term came for me and next term went to Smart Gentleman, who was listening to my cricket predictions. He introduced and described about himself. He was working as a adviser to the trading team and gives suggestion based on his technical analysis using financial historical data. Best part is, he is joining our team from Australia :( ;<( ;( ...

Now my question is who has broken my nose? Aaapppu yarum vekaradhilla.. Nambalae poyee utkaradhu thaan :).