Monday, July 16, 2007

Heading back to India - Its time to rock for me

"When it rains, it pours" - I like this saying. Until now, applicable only during bad time.

Wow!!! first time it happened during my good time too, I got my mother's visa, We are travelling together :-) (my dream), hurting issue got resolved, I am in full control of sleep (reduced to 6 hrs), started winning office carrom champions during lunch time, went through my first time management book, and so on.

I am in shopping spree, last Sunday in Mustafa, I was shopping along with other 50+ Tamil film stars, Started feeling like an another star, since it was nearing midnight and running short of time, I could not observe any of them, but my friend was giving nice commentary about them, while I was enjoying my shopping in parallel.

Anyway, My dream has come true, Here I don't have much plan for my mother, But it is going to be new experience for her. She never travelled out of India. She always used to work in India like a workaholic and rarely missed her 9:30 PM TV serials :-), But here she is going to miss both of them. I want her to spend most of her time in Library (she was a book worm, but long back some how she stopped her reading habit, she used to read Tamil faster than me). Surprisingly my first gift to her is this trip to Singapore. She always pull my leg by saying that there is no sufficient place to keep her ornaments, whenever I pull her for shopping, she agreed that she pull my leg.

Here some of my friends are already waiting for Idlies and Chutnies (they are North Indians), even one of my friends mother is keen to meet my mother to know few South Indian recipe. It is going to be interesting since we don't use common language.

Hopefully, Next month by this time, I would have written more about other trips like Malaysia, Thailand. I prefer to go to Sydney, But my pockets are not so deep now. I also believe that this is just beginning for her.

Though I was able to squeeze just two days of leave to Chennai, Hoping to utilize it in best possible way. I may hardly find time to sleep there, though I would love to sleep at my home. My task list, "Meet my friends, go to movie, fight with everyone, buy books, meet the doctor, meet my old class mate,.."

Is that all? No :-), some more...