Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why should we choose Phython over Ruby?

Dice.com returned 1032 Jobs for Python, But for Ruby it returned 446 Jobs. 231% More jobs in USA.

Naukri.com returned 175 Jobs for Python, But for Ruby it returned mere 75 Jobs. 129% More jobs in India.

But Java has got 16483 jobs in Dice, whereas Naukri shows just 5730 jobs for Java programmers. (Some Indian software company might outsourced those jobs to USA :) ), or Indian companies may find very few good struts programmer, who is sure that class.forName(String) will load JDBC driver (one and only task of class.forName()).

See you soon.
Why Python is better than Ruby by the margin of 13.9%?

I Googled for python number of result was => 58,500,000 results.

For Ruby Google was returning JUST => 42,300,000 results.