Thursday, April 19, 2007

Singapore.RB Meeting

Singapore Ruby Brigade Meeting at National Library was vibrant and useful. Rails enthusiast Choon Keat seems to be quite popular. Choon Keat explained how he forced a student to pick a Ruby book over .Net book. He contributed KRJS to Rails community. Anyway I need to learn RJS first.

But Sausheong really quenched my thirst by talking about FxRuby, which is not Rails thing. Hats off to him.

Library Manger Iven was very helpful, even he tried to understand how much the meeting was worth, finally he promised to create a process through which similar kinds of meeting can happen in libraries.

Now I know why Singapore (such a small country in this world) is 20th richest country. To arrange a similar meeting in Chennai, defnitely it would require Rs.25000 (550 USD). We had a big room enough for 50 people, which is fully air-conditioned with over head projector, wifi connections and everything was for free of cost. There should be people like Iven; ready to help to share knowledge and to encourage people to learn new things.


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Unknown said...

Hi Mohan, nice to have met you at the meetup. Well, I'm just doing what I can as part of the NLB mission. And I really can't take credit for the session. It's community groups like Ruby Brigade, who got the ball started first, that really deserves the credit. I'm just a cog in the wheel :)