Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cooly Valley

Who is the most successful CEO in recent time, "STEVE JOBS", How many people are working for Apple in India. Does apple has any R&D labs in India? He is straight forward Guy. Apple may not require a support guys to support 100s of servers. Even if there is any, he may not call it as "R & D".

Every day there is a news about some R&D lab. "R&D centres in India", Let CEO's tell the truth that how many (real) R&D centres are in India, What are all the great innovations happened here in Indian IT Companies? (after all I was not recruited there, stomach burning :)). Is it a cooly valley? or new age Silicon Valley?

I suddenly changed my opinion, I can't keep on blame project managers and CEOs of Indian Software companies, If innovation is missing in India, it was not expected, so they force developers to follow some processes to do the repeated things. IT companies in India are doing their duties like maintaining others softwares. At least, Americans are not expecting us to innovate now (look into the comment section of Venkat's blog) , Worst thing even Indians are not dreaming about it. After all India has few IT Service company and few tiny product development companies. Hence Indian IT companies can't sustain the same growth in future.

When I attended an interview in a startup service company in Chennai, came across a following question, "What will you do, if you get an opportunity to work for Infosys after 6 months from now?". I said that I would not join and went on saying that, After all small checkpoint firewall company was making hell a lot of money than Infosys and their per employee revenue is 1000 times higher than Infosys and said Infy was not innovative. Interviewer stopped and thanked me, informed that he need a developer and not any dumb guy like me. I was so angry, but now I realize that he asked a question to a developer. First I have to do my duties first.

Why do I digress, If Indian IT is not innovative, developers are not innovative. No formal gathering and communication between think tanks. Most of the Guys requires IT pay and IT laziness and none is really ready to contribute from their heart & brain. In simple PASSION is missing. Passionate to learn new things, passionate to invent things are absent from developers. Developers are either very good or very bad, which is decided by his project and pressure and most of them are not self driven.

Guys are ready to hang around in PUBs, but not ready to contribute anything to OpenSource. If we are going to survey all the developers in Indian IT companies, the number of developers using IRC, NNTP would be less than 1%. How many successful open source projects are driven in India. Fresher will always has a question, ".Net vs Java", how many of them tried about "Ruby, Python, Eiffel". We are all ready to learn successful old things. Not ready to venture into new things.

I am not trying to prove that I am Buddha. Whatever above said is applicable to me. At least this is the perception I have about my own country developers. But still in belief that my passionation will drive me better in future (after my marriage :)). I used come across many developers saying the following things, "Manager doesn't care about me, Organisation is not allowing me to learn new things, Project is dumb one, Tech lead never allowed to change the code, From poor education background, Work to enjoy life and not to waste only in working, Am not a workaholic, Bus is late, After this Rajini movie, last beer before I begin that". Come on I am fed up... something has to happen, let us all come forward and do something to innovate. At least we learn for the sake of better next generation developers". After all, the whole software industry is based on "some lines of source code".

Now it is your turn to throw eggs on me :)

note : I did not include few bright guys who are exception. Because they are few in numbers and they don't have time to read my blog :).

Monday, July 02, 2007

Guests of our country

No way I could compare Indian High Commision office at Singapore with Indian Goverment offices at Chennai, They are so Agile and swift. We can get passport within 4 days and other documents within 24 hrs. When will it possible in India?

But there are many foreigners (including Indians) are waiting in Queue from morning 7:45AM till 9:00AM, And it became normal operations here. If someone take neccessary steps to host our future guests, It would even improve their perception about India. Minmum they could give prior appointment via Online for foreigners (I am ready to do the project, If opportunity is given, And free of cost if it is RailsOnRuby :) ).