Saturday, March 24, 2007

Do you believe me now?

Hey!!! Now people has trust in my technical analysis.

At least I have predicted that Pakistan and India will not move beyond super-8, Anyway I am not a bookie.

After India was defeated by Srilanka, We had a conversation like this.

Friend1: Still India had a chance to move to super-8.

Friend2: It is impossible, because Bermuda has to defeat Bangladesh, so Bermuda NRR will become higher than Bangladesh, but they have to accumulate lesser than India's NRR. Which is nearly Impossible.

Friend1: Yes it is possible, If you look at the past, always India was in such a difficult situation, but other teams has helped India to survive in the tournament. I know India was put up in a situation like "If Team-A wins and Team-B lost to Team-C and Team-C wins against A with NRR 6.0, and Team-A loses by 5 wicket, etc,.....". Still India came to final.

Friend3: Australians shows best performance in all the department (Fielding, Bowling, Batting), But India has a strong Bookies, So no way our Cricket Team is left out of world cup as of now, Bookies will play better than our players. We can trust them.

Friends: :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

Monday, March 19, 2007

My Cricket WorldCup 2007 Predictions

When CNN-IBN predicted that India has 80% chance to win the world cup. But as per my hunch and technical analysis India will not make more than super-8.

I know many will be jumping on me and concluding that I am not patriotic, but I believe in my analysis. After all India played just 2 finals out of 8 world cups, where as Australia played more than half of that. Even Australia will not win this cup.

Who will win, my hunch doesn't have clarity but it is someone from SriLanka, ZA, NZ and|or England.

I will write more about my analysis in detail during my next blog.

Note : Though I am writing this blog bit late, most of my colleagues know about my prediction even a week ago.