Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I spend lot of time in reading, but often disappointed cause not able to recollect what I have read. Recently I came across above acronym. It seems like reading requires lot of decipline.

1. Glance the whole book
2. Read about what are all the chapters, sections, sub-sections
3. Pictures, charts, tables, bolds and italics

Ask yourself following questions
1. What are we tying to learn?
2. What is covered in the given material?
3. Who, when why, where and how questions about the reading material?

By completing questions steps, it will help us to understand weather the given material is worth reading, if yes, then it also answers about information we are going to collect from it.

1. It supposed to be study :)
2. Studying is different from reading (not like reading my blog)
3. Concentrated effort without distraction, chapter by chapter.

1. Take notes in your own words.
2. Recollect what you read the last section, chapter.
3. How you could relate yourself with those information.
4. Organize quiz to yourself. [Creating questions will prove, how much worth your effort]

1. You asked many questions, now review how much it answered.
2. Summarize what you read.

Remember and religiously follow the steps. It will surely help you.

Hope it helps! Enjoy reading!

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