Monday, July 09, 2007

Answer the call? - LiveEarth

I initially thought that there is no meaning that me writing about Global Warming and LiveEarth. But I realized, effort of 150 singers in 5 continents did not reach everyone in this world, so this superman could lend some hands to them :).

Regardless of our location, Global Warming is real and it is affecting you and me. But what can I do as individual?

First visit Live Earth, which I don't like to copy paste here.

How it changed me?

Often my self and room mate will begin a argument like "Pamela Anderson vs Paris Hilton", But after 3 hrs, when I return to my room would realize that wastage of my time, but ignore about electric current and environmental issues caused by it. But me, the same dump guy blogs about it as a tips to you. When you are not using electric, electronics equipments (even if it is for a minute) please switch off them. It is not about saving money, but saving landfills, reducing CO2 emission and protecting our Live Earth.

Here at office, When our team breaks for tea and lunch, I loudly say "Live Earth" and switching off my monitors. My team mates smiles at me and think that useless crazy guy will bite us, if monitor is not switched off, so they turned it off (otherwise I will do it for them :) ). Hoping to continue this exercise for some more time.

I thank a friend (Sara) who gifted a big MUG (I also like the wordings in it), currently using it for my tea and water. And also took a pledge to use "as minimum paper" as possible. Searching for cheaper mugs to give it as a gift to my colleagues.

Note : Sorry about my poor communication (so poor today :( ), Just visit Live Earth and if it makes sense to you, then you can also contribute to save our earth.


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome....

its a good blog...we need to think forward to go agains Global Warning..Actually Scope arranged speech with the legend (i forget is name)...on global warming.. it was very impressive...people need awareness on it... as part of it..i changed the ordinary bulbs to CFL bulbs..

Anonymous said...

Just how much of the "Greenhouse Effect" is caused by human activity?

It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account-- about 5.53%, if not.


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