Saturday, March 24, 2007

Do you believe me now?

Hey!!! Now people has trust in my technical analysis.

At least I have predicted that Pakistan and India will not move beyond super-8, Anyway I am not a bookie.

After India was defeated by Srilanka, We had a conversation like this.

Friend1: Still India had a chance to move to super-8.

Friend2: It is impossible, because Bermuda has to defeat Bangladesh, so Bermuda NRR will become higher than Bangladesh, but they have to accumulate lesser than India's NRR. Which is nearly Impossible.

Friend1: Yes it is possible, If you look at the past, always India was in such a difficult situation, but other teams has helped India to survive in the tournament. I know India was put up in a situation like "If Team-A wins and Team-B lost to Team-C and Team-C wins against A with NRR 6.0, and Team-A loses by 5 wicket, etc,.....". Still India came to final.

Friend3: Australians shows best performance in all the department (Fielding, Bowling, Batting), But India has a strong Bookies, So no way our Cricket Team is left out of world cup as of now, Bookies will play better than our players. We can trust them.

Friends: :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

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